Posted by on August 27, 2012 12:22
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  • #TeamOmoSexy

    Wow! I guess Genny wanted to beat Omosexy so bad that she resorted to this. Really Genny? As for Awom Banky and Wizkey I am not surprised.

  • Ola

    Kelly , Kelly, Kelly? How many times did I call your name? Must you be popular by force?????????????

    • Blackman


  • Ruckus

    Jesus, what is really going in with naija celebs? This guys are as bad as politicians, wayo and overinflation of numbers is their way to operate, imagine some of these guys becoming public servants.

  • Derin

    Is there hope for Nigeria? Why are these people doing this? Is it by force to be popular or appear popular?

  • YOU

    LOLOLOLOL @ MoCheddah that one is just clueless

    • Bawon

      Olodo #1 = Mo Cheddah

  • Na Wash

    I always suspected Banky W was a conman, now I see I was right…