Kollington Says KWAM 1 is Not The “King of Fuji”, KWAM 1 Responds: “Kollington Should Go and Die”

Kollington Says KWAM 1 is Not The “King of Fuji”, KWAM 1 Responds: “Kollington Should Go and Die”

If care is not taken, lovers of Fuji music are in for what can be described as the battle of all battles between 2 Fuji music titans.

That all is not well between the living  doyen of  Fuji, Alhaji Kollington Ayinla aka Kebe Nkwara and the King of Fuji music, Wasiu Ayinde Mershal (K1), at the moment, is an understatement.

If the signals they are both sending are anything to go by, they are set for war. Few days back  Kebe Nkwara granted an explosive interview with a popular soft-sell magazine where he cut K1 down to size for laying claim to the leadership of  Fuji music after the demise of the creator of the widely accepted genre of music, Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister who passed on 2 years back.

“Wasiu is funny. He said since Barrister’s death he has become the leader of Fuji musicians. He said he is serious about it and he stands by that assertion that he is the leader of all Fuji musicians in Nigeria. Who made him leader? I laughed when I read it. The first question I asked myself is( sic): does Wasiu want to kill me? (Laughs)” Kollington said in part, in the interview.

When he was asked to describe his relationship with K1, the Lala Kuku Lala exponent said: “My relationship with K1 is not cordial; I must not deceive you, because he is junior to me. If he is Oga oni Fuji, where will he put Ayinde Ade Baba Oba, Ayinla Ade Baba Oba, will Baba Oba now become Omo Oba again.

Am I going to become Omo Oba again? You can see that Wasiu has insulted me” He further complained in the interview. Meanwhile, more like a reprisal remark to Kollington’s confrontation in the interview, K1 took his own jibes at his supposed father in their industry last Friday. He came to perform at a burial party for the dad of one of his patrons, Lanrewaju Akanni (Lamex), just 4 days after the contentious interview came out and immediately he stepped on the stage, he launched proverbial abuse and casting of spells on who ever is not happy with the position God has placed him in the industry., stating such a person should “go and die.”

Considering other acerbic things he wished for his enemies with his song, any follower of the recent happenings in the industry only need to read between the lines to know to whom the remarks were directed. Fuji music fans can only wait for what would be the reaction of Kollington by the time the audio and video CDs of the show hits the market. Considering the history of  Kebe Nkwara’s temperament (viz-a-viz late Barrister) in a matter like this, he might be rushing into the studio for an album immediately, a move that could scatter the fragile peace that exist in the industry.