Interview: Yorie’s Ibrahim Chatta – I Have No Regrets In Life, Including Beating My Son’s Mother

Interview: Yorie’s Ibrahim Chatta – I Have No Regrets In Life, Including Beating My Son’s Mother

NOLLYWOOD actor, Ibrahim Chatta has officially married years after parting with his babymama, Yinka. The choice of the role interpreter this time is Salamotu, beautiful daughter of Alhaji Mohammed Shaaba Lafiaji, former Kwara State governor and currently a senator representing Kwara North senatorial district in the Senate. The two were confirmed husband and wife at a Nikkai held in Ilorin on Sunday, December 30, 2012.

The actor and his wife welcomed ENCOMIUM Weekly into their Isheri Osun, Lagos home where they talked about the union, the past and the future….

What is the best thing that happened to you in 2012?

Getting married on December 30, 2012, is still the best in my life.

Was it an elaborate ceremony?

It wasn’t. We planned a very small thing in my father in-law’s compound, and as fate would have it, we had many people at the ceremony. My wife is from a political home. We planned for 120, but at the end of the day we got about 700 guests. This was just the Nikkai, the main party is fixed for April 2013.

How did the journey start?

I had known her when we were young. We used to live in a place called Bachita in Kwara State. The place has the largest sugar factory in West Africa and her father was the managing director for years. My father was a staff of Nigeria Sugar Company, where her father was the MD/CEO. Later, her father became the governor of Kwara State and presently he is a senator of the Federal Republic. I used to see my woman when we were very young. Years later, I was in Oyo where I met a lady, who spoke my language, Nupe. We became friends and she told me about my hometown and I started asking after all those we grew up together. I asked after Salamotu whether she was married and my friend told me no, that she just came back from London. She is in Abuja, i got her number and we started talking.

Tell us about her father

Alhaji Mohammed Shaaba Lafiaji, former Governor of Kwara State and he is presently serving as a senator representing Kwara North senatorial district.

You spoke with her on phone for some time and eventually when you met her what struck you about her?

I always knew her to be very beautiful and I know her family backgound. In Nupeland, we can marry ourselves. Her father and her mother are like cousins. She is beautiful, from a good and religious family.

Is she the kind of woman you have been dreaming of?

I like beautiful things, cars, houses, women. Beautiful women appeal to me a lot. She is my kind of woman. At the time I met her, I was asking God for a woman to marry, that will take me for who I am. Because of the job  i do, I have met several personalities, the rich and the poor. I didn’t go for her because of her rich background. I have had encounters with rich women who wanted to date me.

At the time you asked her to marry you, your first marriage had crashed?

I wasn’t married then. I had child out of wedlock. I fell in in love with a woman and we had a baby. I was supposed to marry her but her parents were not supporting the idea.That is not the case with my wife now, whose parents accepted me.The mother of my child never stayed at home whenever I was away for movies roles. We never stayed up to six months at home. She is always away. I believe that’s not responsible enough. Because of her attitude, I dated other women who helped me at home. We had parted ways before I knew Salamotu, who is now my wife.

What are the mistakes that cost you your first relationship which you are going to avoid this time around?

There were no mistakes. Like I said, Yinka’s parents were not supporting the relationship. Ever since i featured her in one of my movies, things fell apart. She started misbehaving. So, I had to let her go.

Were there some areas where you didn’t live up to expectations, maybe that’s why your relationship crumbled?

I am not a saint but I realized it will never work. I couldn’t condone her indecent dressing. Since she started appearing in movies, things changed. She was good, even till the time I met my wife, I still loved her. That’s ridiculous. We were not married but that does not make you misbehave. I am sincere with what i am telling you, God is my witness. The mistake i made was to feature her in my movie. She is young and promising. My colleague warned but i never listened. The result was that she wouldn’t come home for months. I was the one taking care of our child, Malik, who is now four. It was a messy situation.

There were instances it was alleged that you battered her?

That’s not true. The only time I hit her was the day she slapped me for dating a lady.

So, how are you going to handle your newly married wife?

Every woman I have met including my mother, I treat them like a queen. So, nothing will change. I will still treat  her like my princess.

What do you think will change about you now?

Now, I will have to consult before taking decisions. I and my wife have signed a life contract, so she will be more involved in  my decision making.

What’s your plan for this marriage?

Enjoy life together, have children and take care of them.

You told us you enjoy reading, can you tell us some of the books you have read in recent times?

Many things. I read a lot, anything from Bible to Quran, motivational books, novels. I love searching for knowledge, that’s why I read anything that comes my way.

Source National Encomium