Official Association Of Bamboo Cutters Tells Govt To Wage War On Illegal Association of Bamboo Cutters

THE Association of Bamboo and Poles Cutters/Distributors of Nigeria in Ogun State has called on the state government to protect indiscriminate cutting and burning of bamboo and wooden poles and to also wage war against any illegal association of bamboo cutters.

Chairman and General President of the association, Alhaji Lateef Rufai, made the statement during a meeting with officials of Ogun State Ministry of Forestry in Abeokuta. He stated that there was much to show that the hope of the people had not been in vain, as there had been commercial growth, rural industrial and infrastructure development and investment to show as remarkable achievements of the present administration.

He, therefore, advised the state government to wage war against illegal associations which feed fat on resources and revenue of the state.

According to Alhaji Rufai, the essence of establishing the new association was to work together with the government to improve the forestation of  bamboo and poles and thus increase the revenue of the state.

The secretary of the association, Mr Yemi Edun, noted that until serious interventions were made by the government, unscrupulous people would not stop cutting the bamboo and poles across the state.

The representative of the Ogun State Commissioner of Forestry Mr Dolapo Odulana, a director in the ministry said that there was no recognised association of bamboo and pole cutters in the past, he there praised the efforts of the association in making sure that they were registered. He promised that necessary assistance will be rendered to the association advising them to support the current government to increase and improve its revenue profile.