Very (Un)Married Tiwa Savage and Her (Non)Husband, Ibrahim ‘Tuneji’ Balogun Check Into Their ‘New’ Home

Very (Un)Married Tiwa Savage and Her (Non)Husband, Ibrahim ‘Tuneji’ Balogun Check Into Their ‘New’ Home

Actual Headline should read like this:

Very (Un)Married Tiwa Savage Thanks Non-Husband Ibrahim ‘Tuneji; Balogun For ‘Their’ Home For The Next Week; US$14,000 Suite At Dubai’s Burj Al-Arab Hotel

She’s said she’s not married, and she said there is nothing going on with Ibrahim ‘Tuneji’ Balogun who manages her career.

Yet, earlier today, Tiwa Tweeted:

Burj Al Arab Our home for the next week. Thanks Balogs cc

Tiwa Savage and Ibrahim Balogun- Suite- Burj-Al-Arab

So she says ‘our’ and then puts his name in the next sentence…

He then takes to twitter and posts a picture of the check in, which incidentally is under his name:

Talking about:

Welcome To The Good Life…..

Reservation- Tiwa and Ibrahim- Burj-Al-Arab

So it’s safe to say this isn’t a honeymoon, but just a business trip where the room is booked in his name, and yet she publicly considers it their home.

Tiwa Savage and Ibrahim Balogun- Burj-Al-Arab

The fact that it’s at a hotel that costs more per night than most people in Nigeria make in a year is also just a coincidence, no folks, this is not a honeymoon, just a regular getaway for two hard working people.

  • https://plus.google.com/103709901989854568354 Greg Owor

    Really. …? Like do dey xpect us to believe this story. ..? Hard working peeps ryt? Get diff rooms joor