GEJ Swears In New Ministers, Chinedu Nebo, Power, and Kabiru Turaki, Defense

GEJ Swears In New Ministers, Chinedu Nebo, Power, and Kabiru Turaki, Defense


President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday swore in Chinedu Osita Nebo (Enugu) and Kabiru Tanimu Turaki (Kebbi) as ministers into the Federal Executive Council to replace Barth Nnaji (Power) and Haliru Bello Mohammed (Defence) respectively. Nnaji and  Mohammed had earlier exited the cabinet last year.

President Jonathan told the new ministers that Nigerians would judge his coaching abilities by the new innovations they would bring into the federal cabinet.

“We are admitting two new ministers into our fold. From the profile we have heard about them they are eminently qualified to serve this country at all levels. If it is in politics they are eminently qualified to serve as Councillors to the president of the federal republic by their antecedents.

“But then background qualification is one thing but serving as a minister is another thing because the challenges are different.

“One thing I believe is that you will succeed but to me it is a big challenge to me and you because if a coach of a football team sends his 11 players and decide to make changes getting close to half time then he knows that there may be weaknesses in some areas and he is bringing people to strengthen the team to make sure they score goals.

“So Nigerians are expecting that if I am bringing ministers in at this time, I must be bringing people that will strengthen the team and make sure I bring people that will score more goals than we are already scoring. And If Nigerians don’t realise that they will feel that I am not a good coach.

“If they realise that then they will know I am a good coach. So is quite challenging for me for bringing you in at that time and also to you because they will expect you to perform extremely well.

“Just like when the coach introduces a new player sometimes 10 minutes to the end of the game and you are introduced to the field they expect you to score the next goal.

“So you are welcome on board you will be formerly inaugurated again on Wednesday when we will have the FEC meeting. You will get your letter from the SGF and I sign you to where we think you will serve at this great country. Congratulations”.